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  • Another season is upon us and your Board once again has undertaken the impossible task of trying to please All of the People All of the time!  But first, you should be aware of changes to the Board membership.  Steve Lapkovsky retired this past in February and Tom Tanton and Tom Wilkinson also retired in May.  All GeriHatricks should thank them for the significant time spent and contributions made to the betterment of our hockey Club.  Also, Board membership was expanded from 5 to 6. The new members are Steve Emburey, Bill McPadden, Mark Peterson, and Charlie Whitehead who joined Ed Bednarz and Bill Borsa in August to form this season’s Board.


    This season the Board again decided to divide our overall membership into 2 groups based on skill level and to some degree on age ( though with some exceptions when it comes to age ). Also, we decided to start with 2 sessions each week for everyone. Whether we can continue this or not depends on the level of continuing interest  shown in each group and session. The 2 groups are…..


    1) A COMPETITIVE Group - this group is intended for the younger, faster, more skilled players who are interested in an organized scrimmage at which they can play their best hockey with equally skilled peers.  Minimum age is 60.  Bill McPadden and Steve Emburey will manage this group and finally decide who is qualified.


    2) A SENIOR Group - this group is intended for the generally older players whose speed and skills have somewhat lessened over time and who are interested in playing a more relaxed though lively game with a similarly qualified peer group.  Minimum age is 70 with some exceptions / grandfathers (?) approved by the Managers. Bill Borsa, Mark Peterson, and Charlie Whitehead will be the Managers of this group and finally decide who is qualified.

    The Managers of each group have made a preliminary assignment of players on our “active” Gerihatricks list into the Competitive (41 players) and Senior (42 players) groups.  Newcomers and anyone not on the Roster….and anyone who feels they are in the wrong group should contact one of the appropriate Group Managers.  Rosters sent in an email to All GeriHatricks.


          Some players may want to skate with both groups, for example with the Competitive on Tuesdays and the Senior  

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