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A bit of history; the Gerihatricks was founded by Bill Wellington when he formed a team representing Maryland in the amateur, senior hockey Olympics in 2000 at Lake Placid....and they won Gold!  That success encouraged Bill to set up a weekly pick-up game and form other senior tournament teams.  In subsequent years the individual leadership of the Gerihatricks was passed on to John Buchleitner, Kevin McMahon, and most recently Steve Galeski.


Steve is retiring, and we three, the remaining "survivors" if you will, of this Gerihatricks leadership history, now feel that the membership and various activities of the Gerihatricks have grown to a point that they can no longer be efficiently managed by a single individual.  So we have decided to pass the baton on to the Governing Body described in the attached " Charter for the Gerihatricks Hockey Club".


We believe this more organized management structure will improve the viability of the Gerihatricks tradition for future years, and we welcome your continued participation and support.


John Buchleitner

Kevin McMahon

Steve Galeski

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